HSA Program Benefits


Opening a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Step 1: Obtain an HDHP
To have an HSA, first you must have a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP) in place. We can help you find insurance companies and insurance agents that will be able to help you obtain your HDHP.

Step 2: Enroll in HSA
Signing up for an HDHP does not automatically open your HSA. You may enroll in an HSA with HSA Bank by completing the enrollment application online or downloading and printing the application and other necessary forms from the links below.

Step 3: Account Opens
Within 48 hours, your account will be opened and you will be able to make contributions. An email confirmation will be sent to you upon your account opening. Additionally, you will receive a welcome kit within two weeks of your account opening, giving you additional information and your checks/debit card(s) if you ordered them.

Step 4: Using Your HSA
HSAs were developed to give you control of your health care and health care dollars. To use your HSA, you can write checks or use your debit card for immediate disbursements for eligible medical expenses. You may also receive reimbursements for any qualified out-of-pocket costs by submitting a withdrawal form to HSA Bank.

Step 5: Taxes
If you contribute money to your HSA, you are able to deduct your contributions from your gross income when filing your federal income taxes.

Online Enrollment
Please select the link below to complete the applicable application form online

1). Individual Online Enrollment Form

2). Employer or Group Enrollment Form

Offline Enrollment
Please download and complete the applicable forms below, and fax it over to our main office at 866-467-1718

Application Forms

1). Health Savings Account Application and Eligibility Form

2). Non-Qualified Health Savings Account Application Form

3). Health Savings Account Transfer/Rollover Form

4). Employer Contribution Form

Health Savings Account Custodial Agreement

5). Health Savings Account Designation of Beneficiaries

Application Forms

1). Cuenta de Ahorro Medico (HSA)
Formulario para Solicitud y Requisitos

2). Aplicasion para Retiro de Dinero y
Hacer Contribuciones

3). Cuenta de Ahorros Medicos Contrato de Custodia

4). Designacion de Beneficiarios




Meridian Health Systems HSA Program Plan

Click to download currently offered products available in English and Spanish languages:

a. Guaranteed Insured Affordable Health Plan for Small and Medium Size Businesses

b. Guaranteed Insured Affordable Health Plan for Small and Medium Size Businesses(Spanish Language Version)

c. Cardiovascular Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE Program)

Optional Flexible Medical Care Services

The program offers optional Flexible Medical Care Services through a preferred participating healthcare provider network in both United States and Abroad under the Healthcare membership discount services program, as well as facilitate the setting up of a Health Savings Account (HSA) program through a partner Commercial Bank, a self-insured plan or a High Deductible Health Insurance plan through a partner health insurance company.

Through this program, members will have access to healthcare providers in both United States and Abroad, on either a prepaid healthcare program or discounted fee for service program. Members will select from a list of various Vendor Services menu, a list of discount services they are interested in, and pay a one-time annually renewable network access fee.

Enhanced Pharmacy Network
Access to neighborhood pharmacy network which provides savings at select pharmacies. Members also have access to a mail order and Internet pharmacy center.

Vision Care
With the Vision Network, members receive one free eye exam for prescription glasses per membership, plus savings on frames, prescription lenses, contacts, non-prescription sunglasses andsurgical procedures (including RK, LASIK, and CO2 Laser Surgeries).

Nurse-on-Call offers Members toll-free telephone access to experienced, registered nurses 24 hours aday, 365 days a year. The nurses are an immediate, reliable and caring source of health and medical information, education, and support.

Chiropractic Program
The Med-Care Plus Chiropractic program offers savings from select Chiropractors, including unlimited visits, free initial consultations, and up to 50% savings on other services.

Preferred Dental Care
The Dental Savings Program utilizes MHS preferred participating provider locations nationwide. Members save up to 50% on dental procedures by simply presenting their Membership Card at the time services are rendered.

Point of Service Physicians
Members receive savings of 5% to 25% and possibly more at MHS preferred participating physicians and medical facility locations. Contracted providers apply the savings and you pay the reduced amount, in full, directly to the provider at the time of service.

Medical Savings Network
Physician, Hospital, and Laboratory Program provides special-pricing options with MHS preferred participating facilities (labs, Vasocor Vascular Diagnostic Centers, radiology clinics, etc.), and

Alternative Care
Members save 20%-30% on services from MHS preferred participating provider. Services includeacupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, herbology, meditation, massage therapy, aromatherapy,nutritionists, holistic medicine, and yoga.

Employee Assistance Program which includes the following:
Identity Theft Program
Care Giver Assistance Program
AD & D Program
Podiatry Care
Vitamins and Nutritional (Healthcare Products)
Diabetes Care
Hearing Program
Prescription Drug Plan
Medical Equipment
Medifile (Medical Records Plans)
24 Hour Emergency Assistance
Emergency Travel Plan

Please download and complete the Program Enrollment Form below, and fax it over to our main office at 866-467-1718

Progam Enrollment Kit

Click here to download Meridian Health Systems HSA Program Enrollment Form