Meridian Holdings Inc. IPO Subscription Program

A program developed by Meridian Holdings Inc. (MRDH) to allow its share holders who, hold at least 100 shares in a single account on any given record date, the opprtunity to participate in a portion of the initial public offering of a Meridian Holdings Inc. subsidiary-company or partner company .. Information/ Distribution stage

Step I: Meridian Holdings Inc. and its affilated partners determin that the company is ready for public affering
Step II: Underwriters are chosen by the affiliated partner company and a registration statement is filed with the Securities and Exchange Comition (SEC). Following the writing of the registration statement, Meridian Holdings Inc., issues a press release anuncing the proposed Meridian Holdings Inc. Subscription Program and the record date that determines the Meridian Holdings Inc., sharehoders elegible to participate in te offering. (NOTE: to be on record regular way purchases of Meridian Holdings Inc., stock must generally be made three busines days prior o the record date.)
StepIII: Approximatetly two months after the registration statement, a preliminary prospectus is printed and distributed to the Meridian Holdings Inc., shareholders directly or for street name shareholers through the normal brokerage ditribution chanels. At the same time the, the subscription offer is distributed electronically into the brokerage accounts of street name shareholders and a subscription form is mailed to direct share holders.
StepIV: Approximatetly two or three weeks after the distribution of preliminary prospectus, the registration statement of the IPO company is declared effective by the SEC and the initial public offering price is set by the IPO company and the underwriters. The shares of the IPO company tipically begin trading the next business day after pricing. Notice of the effective date and the IPO price is given to Meridian Holdings Inc., shareolders by press release to the wire services, Web site notice, The Meridian automated investor relations line and for those who have requested it on Meridian Holdings Inc., Web site by E-mail alert. Decision/Subscriotiond stage.
Step V: Once the IPO prices, Meridian Holdings Inc., shareholders have three buisness days to subscribe to the offering. Street name shareholders must subscribe and submit payment through the broker who holds their Meridia Holdings Inc., shares. Direct shareholders must deliver a completed subscription form and payment to the offering agent noted on the subscription form. Conclusion stage.
Step VI: At the end of the record date a settlement is announced by Meridian Holdings Inc., normally within two or three weeks after the record date. At this time all share holders will expect to receive their stock certificate in the mail or in the brokerage account electronically. The companny hopes that the above guide-lines will assist our loyal shareholders in understanding the rules going forward. Also additional information regarding dividend distribution guidelines could be obtained at SEC website at