From time to time Meridian Holdings, Inc., board of directors will authorize stock dividends distribution to shareholders according to the by-laws of the Corporation. When a stock dividend distribution is authorized the Company will notify all shareholders through direct mail or press releases.  
Step I: A Spin-off is contemplated

StepII: A stock dividend distribution is announced about 1-6 months before record date. We will set records dates WITHOUT ANY ADVANCE NOTICE. Shareholders as of the record date will be issued the dividend. Under normal circumstances, the Brokerage firm settles a trade within three business days upon completion of a trade, and the entire transaction would have been completed ON or BEFORE the record date to qualify as a shareholder of record as of the record date (i.e, if you purchase your stock on say December 27, your settlement date with your Brokerage firm will be December 30th except in rare instances the Brokerage firm may have the stock at hand, and this may facilitate a faster completion of the transaction.). Both the Brokerage firm and the Company's transfer agent as well as DTC (Depository Trust Company) coordinates the names of the individual to be listed as shareholder of record as of the record date. The Company does not get this list or knows of any individual who is being submitted by the Brokerage firm to the transfer agent. All shareholders should contact their Brokerage firm to verify if their name made the shareholder list as of the record date. The rules regarding setting of record dates for dividend distribution, the timelines etc., are made by NASD and the Company has no control over them.
Step III:

At the end of the record date a settlement date is then announced by Meridian Holdings, Inc., normally within 2-3 weeks after record date. At this time all shareholders will expect to receive their stock certificate in the mail or in their brokerage account electronically. The Company hopes that the above guidelines will assist our loyal shareholders in understanding the rules going forward. Also additional information regarding dividend distribution guidelines could be obtained at SEC Website at


We thank all our loyal shareholders for their support, while we grow this Company !